You hear quite a bit, these days, about people buying elections and then getting federal laws made for them, and grants awarded to them, in order to benefit these crony’s financially.

Who are these people? Who has the audacity to buy President’s and Senator’s and then order them to abuse the public by re-directing taxpayer money to their exclusive benefit?

In the age of Snowden, a much deeper set of answers has now emerged.

Justice Department executives seem to be under orders to not arrest them, or their Wall Street Bankers. Indeed, the deadline for Holder’s “arrest some Wall Streeters” request just passed without a single arrest in one of the biggest economic crimes against America.

So who are “the untouchables”? Why are they the only people that can get Washington to help them make money…huge amounts of money…?

Let’s take a look, thanks to ProPublica and OpenSecrets.org: