Were You Attacked By A Silicon Valley Sociopath Oligarch? Then Cause Them A One Billion Dollar Valuation Loss, Or Bankruptcy, In Return

By Anderson Key
I have had Elon Musk, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg (who are all frat boy bros and political co-conspirators) put hit-jobs on my friends and I. This is what we did to them in return.
What is tech corruption?

Corruption is the abuse of office for personal gain, and it takes many forms. It’s the politician taking a bribe before awarding a building contract to the briber. It’s the city council member paying for his family vacation with public funds. It’s the official demanding bribes from citizens in exchange for access to clean water. It is a California Senator getting payola from Google, Tesla and Facebook with stock market accounts from those companies.

Corruption affects everyone, especially minority and vulnerable populations. As the biggest obstacle to economic and social development it harms societies in these ways:

  • It undermines democracy and human rights by weakening governments.
  • It diverts funds from public services such as health care, education, and sanitation.
  • It discourages foreign investment, leading to fewer jobs.

Those numbers aren’t the only reason to get mad. Corrupt officials divert funds from public services like health care and education to projects that will line their pockets. Corruption also harms societies by undermining human rights. It can cost people their freedom and sometimes their lives.

So how can you fight corruption? By making sure the laws in your country are enforced, says former U.N. youth observer Jackson Dougan.

Many countries have anti-corruption laws, but, as Dougan explains, they may not have the resources to monitor and enforce those laws. That’s where you can help.

You can make a difference… We did!

Powerful people are often the ones taking bribes or making shady deals, and that discourages honest citizens with few resources. But thanks to new technologies, you don’t need a lot of money or power to fight corruption. For example, a couple started an anti-corruption website in India, where people can report instances when they have been asked for bribes.

Transparency International offers these ideas in its anti-corruption kit:

  • Organize a committee to count and keep track of public supplies, such as school textbooks.
  • Coordinate a sporting event that the community can participate in to raise awareness of corruption.
  • Create a petition and take it to the decision-makers.

Thanks to new technologies, you don’t need a lot of money or power to bring corruption to light. You can use social media and online platforms, such as I Paid a Bribe, to crowdsource reports of corruption in real-time, even anonymously.

Web and smartphone applications such as Open the Books in the U.S. can help you keep tabs on government spending, including how much officials are being paid. These kinds of data can be used to hold corrupt officials accountable and push through reforms.

Transparency International offers other simple ideas for making a difference in your community.

December 9 is International Anti-Corruption Day. Say “no” to corruption and learn more about what you can do to uphold transparency.

Part of this text is adapted from Stopping corruption might seem impossible. But there are simple ways to fight it. and Delete corruption from the palm of your hand from ShareAmerica.

This is about powerful and greedy people abusing the public system in order to manipulate TRILLIONS of government treasury and stock market dollars into their own pockets. They lie, cheat, bribe, steal, attack, and even kill, in order to grab this money (provided from the pockets of the taxpayers). They create fake “political issues” in order to steer massive amounts of government money to “solutions” that they just happen to own the companies of. (“Follow the Money“) They collude on cover-ups, cover-stories, pump-and-dumps, fake “Stimulus Funds” redirection and other illicit deeds. Famous politicians are a very big part of this crime. They are easy to spot via the tens of millions of dollars, in their personal bank accounts, which only appeared after they took office. They broke and separated America by promoting their fake causes, which divide the public, in order to benefit off of their exclusive stock market scams. In fact, if the, completely computer manipulated, stock market did not exist, political corruption in America would be reduced by 95%.

In one example; The Silicon Valley Tech Cartel; an anti-trust violating organized-crime operation based on quid-pro-quo, ran a slush-fund in the U.S. government. They manipulated the Dept of Energy bosses so they would only fund political favorites and sabotage the competitors of those favorites in an epic violation of anti-trust and anti-racketeering laws. We will examine the investigation, exposure and take-down of each of the crooks involved in that scheme.

You have heard the term: “You can’t fight City Hall”, right? We did and we won! We fought the entire United States Government and we won! We fought a rogue division of the CIA and we won! We fought the President of the United States and we won! We fought the most powerful and insane billionaires in the world and we won! We got over 120 famous politicians and agency heads FIRED simply by preparing and filing an FBI-grade dossier on each one with all of the relevant jurisdictional agencies!

You can fight corruption and win!
YOU can use the public “Corruption Kill Box” tactic to wipe out crooked politicians, tech oligarchs and their financiers.

A Corruption Kill Box Procedure combines:

1.) Federal police investigations created by formal filed criminal referrals and FBI Form 302 overview drafts,

2.) Public class-action lawsuits,

3.) Massive news media disclosure blasts,

4.) Formal regulatory agency complaint filings,

5.) Individual lawsuits against political and agency executives,

6.) Documentary film production and distribution,

7.) The promotion and organization of Congressional hearings,

8.) Crowd-sourced social media public forensics,

9.) Open-source AI financial crimes tracking software.

The Kill Box (KB) procedure is an extinction-level event with a 100% success rate against corrupt entities. KB’s only work on the corrupt, so non corrupt parties are safe from it’s effects. ANY member of the public can engage in these totally legal anti-corruption actions. Just do it!

“Winning” does not mean you actually have to kill the bad guys dead. You can shame corrupt politicians, CEO’s and insiders so bad that they will wish they were dead.

A number of famous tech CEO’s recently had to resign. They did not leave to “spend more time with their family”. They were EXPOSED by citizen and journalist forensic actions. Many of them left before the entire ‘Kill Box’ maneuver was completed. Even partial execution of the Kill Box can often lead to spectacular results.

The most effective interdiction process for political corruption is called “Citizen Forensics”. It is the process of the crowd-sourced deep investigation of public officials, and their shills, followed by the global public exposure and shaming of their illicit deeds. Federal law enforcement groups will even help you do this because you, and they, both have a common goal: to take down crooks.

Over the last decade, these procedures have been proven to work. This manual guides you through procedures that work totally, magnificently and effectively against evil people and scumbags!

Process Overview

Taking Down Corrupt California Politicians, Dirty Government Agency Executives And Their Tech Oligarch Bosses

At a high-level this I what you will do:


• We identified potential targets

• We developed an investigative theory

• We chose the best investigative techniques

• We examined issues unique to these proactive corruption investigations

• We mitigated special considerations in public corruption investigations


• We asked law enforcement and government sources, including inspectors general, and contract compliance, Congress members and oversight personnel who they suspect

• We asked citizens; business competitors or political rivals; disgruntled current or former employees; paid informants and cooperating defendants; individuals involved in the illegal activity who are seeking to limit or eliminate their criminal exposure by blowing the whistle on corrupt conduct

• We read print, television, and internet media outlets for tips

• We examined if each specific target may be identified via credible tips. Does source have a motive to lie? Is there corroboration?

• We looked at transactions that were identified or appear suspect without specific targets and used those to identify the entities and individuals involved and make a preliminary assessment of the roles played by these individuals, such as decision makers, knowledgeable actors, unwitting participants, and knowledgeable but uninvolved potential witnesses.

We always follow the money ‐ We determine who profited from the transaction and how ‐ Political corruption cases are always about the money! Use modern AI around-the-clock tracking software on the target and their family members to spot money laundering.

Each corrupt politician and operative made a profit from their corrupt actions and those benefits can always be traced with modern forensic accounting and tracking AI. The recent leaks from CPA, VC, law firm and lobbyist records make it even easier. The hack-and-disclose foreign actor campaigns (ie: Supernova, Spectre, Solarwinds, etc.) have even added to those disclosures.


• Theory gives direction to the investigation, but we stay flexible as new facts are leaked or exposed

• We make an initial assessment of whether the alleged corrupt conduct appears to be criminal, or whether it is civil or administrative in nature

• We then identify the elements needed to prove the crimes

• We then try to anticipate possible factual and legal issues and defenses and build our case to rebut or avoid them

• We then identify corrupt officials in jurisdictional law enforcement and regulatory agencies who may be stopping investigations in order to protect a Senator or tech oligarch that pays them or promises them a career advance


– Historical cases ‐ based on document analysis and witness interviews

– Proactive/undercover cases ‐ running gamut from one day and one deal to elaborate and long‐running multi‐transaction and multi‐target operations


• We determined which investigative tools to use depending on a variety of factors, including the nature of the alleged violations, the type of investigation our members are conducting, and the resources we had available

• We used the normal progression from simple to complex, with information from initial steps leading to more advanced steps, such as search warrants and federally assisted wiretaps

• We mix and match our methods as appropriate

• Due to the hybrid public/private/citizen investigative team, an “insurance policy” encrypted file set is pre-distributed to journalists, lawyers and Congressional insiders to protect citizen team members


• Public Source Information

• Internet and media sources

• Court filings, including criminal histories, divorces and other lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, and administrative proceedings before agencies such as the SEC, FTC, and insurance and banking regulators

• Leaks and hacks

• Choicepoint, Autotrack, property records

• Financial disclosure forms; Campaign contribution records; Lobbyist registrations and disclosures

• Information from Parallel Proceedings

• Corruption cases are often set in backdrop of contract disputes and fraud cases. There may be ongoing civil litigation or administrative proceedings generating valuable information, and you should obtain relevant depositions, pleadings, transcripts and court orders.

• Despite common interests, do not work in tandem or actively use the civil litigant to further your investigation, such as by giving them questions to ask at depositions or having them seek documents for you.

• Mail Covers

• Very useful in identifying target’s banks, investment firms, et al

• Trash Pulls ‐ “Dumpster Diving”

• Can be very useful if target has recently become aware that they are under suspicion ‐ panic can cause carelessness in disposing of valuable records

• Grand Jury Subpoenas ‐ Documents

• Used to gather foundational materials. Consider whether the entity being served can be relied on to not disclose the subpoena, or whether the records sought are worth the risk

• Issue as early as possible ‐ document production can be slow, particularly with voluminous requests, older records, and/or smaller producing institutions

Subpoenas ‐ Documents to Obtain:

• Bank, brokerage, and other investment account records

• Credit reports & credit card records

• Loan and mortgage records

• Telephone records

• Corporate records

• Do quick initial review to determine subpoena compliance. Do not assume full compliance since many institutions see subpoena compliance as a nuisance and distraction from their “real” business.

• Documents must reviewed and cataloged for use during the investigation and for discovery and trial evidence purposes.

• Document review is time and labor intensive, but is usually the heart of any meaningful historical corruption case.

• Witness Interviews

• Essential investigative steps which require serious thought, planning, and preparation. When possible, conduct interviews after you have obtained and reviewed the documents related to the witness.

• General rule ‐ your way up the chain of involvement and culpability

• Remember to consider interviewing the current and former confidants

Subpoenas ‐ Testimony:

• General rule ‐ do not use the grand jury as your interviewing forum. Usually far better to get voluntary interviews first.

• Two main situations to use grand jury testimony as an investigative tool

• Witnesses who may have useful information but will not agree to a voluntary interview

• Possible defense witnesses ‐ find out what they will say and lock them into that story.


• A double‐edged sword. Gets you needed testimony but can cast doubt since people tend to dislike and distrust immunized witnesses.

• Weigh the costs and benefits carefully. Jurors will understand immunizing lower‐level witnesses to build a case against the main targets.

• Attempt to secure testimony through cooperation plea agreements Jurors are more likely to believe a witness who has accepted responsibility for their actions by pleading guilty than one who has received a “free pass.”

Evidence – Laboratory Analysis:

• Handwriting and fingerprint analysis can be very useful in cases with key documents and knowledge, intent, and/or participation questions. Fingerprints can often be found on documents even after an extended period of time.

• Before requesting handwriting analysis, speak to your examiner to find out if the questioned documents can be analyzed with any degree of certainty. If there is little chance of success, you may not want to do the analysis, particularly if fact witnesses can identify the handwriting or signature.

• Make the analysis request as early as possible

• Tax Return Disclosure Requests ‐ 26 USC Section 6103

• Very useful since targets often understate income on tax returns and overstate it on loan applications, corporate filings, and financial statements.

• Disclosure requests take a significant showing and a court order, and normally come after the investigation has substantiated some level of wrongdoing.

• After tax information is obtained under a disclosure order, there are important restrictions on their use and handling.

• E‐Mail Account Information from Internet Service Providers (“ISP”)

• Two main types of information you will want: identification of the account holder; and, the stored content of the e‐mails maintained on the system.

• Can be very valuable since people use e‐mail freely and do not realize or care that hitting erase or delete does not remove the content from the system.

• Court orders and search warrants are needed to get this information.

Since ISPs frequently delete content from their systems, use preservation letters asking ISPs to save the content while you obtain the necessary court orders and search warrants for disclosure.


• One of the most powerful investigative tools in corruption cases. Obtains evidence on a surprise basis, before it can be redacted, destroyed, or withheld even when production is required by a grand jury subpoena.

• Provides an opportunity to identify and interview those present at search site.

• Serve contemporaneous grand jury subpoena for the same documents

Search Warrants On Senators And Tech Oligarchs:

‐ Timing is Key Issue

• Need to be far enough along in investigation to develop probable cause and to know what you are actually looking for.

Elon Musk moved from California To Texas to try to get away from our investigations but our biggest team of researchers happens to be in Texas, so he is screwed. Larry Page is trying to hide out in New Zealand with Peter Theil but investigation laws make it even easier to spy on people and their private jet tail numbers in New Zealand.

• The search exposes the investigation, so it generally should not be done until you have exhausted any covert opportunities.

• But, if you wait too long and your target becomes suspicious or aware of the investigation, valuable evidence may be destroyed or moved.

• First and foremost, must commit to promptly and thoroughly review everything seized. This can be an extremely time and labor intensive. If you are not ready, willing, and able to do this review, don’t do the search.

• Second, be aware of the public impact of a search on a high‐profile target or location. It may bring attention to your investigation, increase public scrutiny on you and the target, and raise expectations that charges are imminent.

• Third, need to plan to best execute the warrant while limiting disruption of important functions when searching a government office. public building

Computers and Computerized Data:

• Any business or office search warrant is going to include computers and computerized data, and you must be able to seize and use this information.

• Have computer specialists involved in planning and executing the search so that computers and system data can be copied on the scene. It is not desirable or feasible to take away the computers and deal with it later.

• Before searching, try to determine if review the seized data will require specialized assistance and equipment, and how you will make this information available for discovery and later trial use

Physical Surveillance:

• Surveillance is valuable to corroborate information which has been received, to link targets, and identify people associated with the known targets

• Trackers (“Bumper Beepers”)

• A slap‐on tracker put on in a public place does not require a court order. An order is required to hard‐wire a longer‐lasting tracker onto a vehicle.

• Beware that under federal law, you are now required to disclose a tracker warrant to the person whose vehicle was tracked at the conclusion of its use. Delays of this notification are at the discretion of the court.

• Pen Register and Trap and Trace Orders

• Allows real‐time capture of the incoming and outgoing phone numbers for a particular phone number, and can also order phone company to provide subscriber information for each captured number.

• Requires a court order which can be based on a showing that the information sought is likely to be relevant to the criminal investigation.

• Consensual Recordings

• Audio or video recordings where one party to the call or meeting (normally an undercover agent or cooperating witness) has agreed to record the conversation. These are authorized without any court order so long as the consenting party is on the line or in the room.

• Consensual recordings are the “bread and butter” of proactive investigations.

• Title III Wiretaps and Recording Devices

• Extremely effective tools to investigate ongoing criminal activity, since they allow recording of phone calls and conversations without the presence or participation of an undercover agent or cooperating witness.

• Requires court order based on probable cause and satisfaction of other requirements, including exhaustion of other investigative options. The internal review process for a federal Title III is very demanding.

• Title III’s are labor intensive, requiring real‐time monitoring and minimization, and regular progress reports to the authorizing judge

Undercover Operations – put a plant inside the Senator’s office or the Google , Netflix, Tesla, Youtube or Facebook executives personal office or home office staff:

‐ Development and Planning Stage Is Key

• First step is determining what you are trying to achieve (i.e. proving a completed crime, infiltrating ongoing criminal activity, developing new cases on suspected corrupt officials, identifying criminals).

• Second step is creating and implementing a scenario designed to effectively and efficiently achieve those goals. Scenario must be realistic in light of targets, resources, and objectives

• Undercover Operations ‐ Avoiding the Usual Defenses

• Any undercover scenario needs to squarely present the criminal opportunity to the targets. Do not give the target a lack of knowledge or intent defense.

• Plan to avoid entrapment claims. Don’t push too hard, offer too much money, or make it too easy, and offer opportunities for the target to back out.

• Undercover Operations ‐ Time, Labor, and Resource Intensive

• Must be patient ‐ will take time to develop trust and opportunities

• Money will have to be spent for payoffs and to set up an undercover business, create appearances, wine and dine targets, etc

• Manpower will be needed ‐ UCAs, case agents, surveillance, et al

• Undercover Operations ‐ Undercover Agents are Crucial

• Should make every effort to introduce a UCA into the scenario.

• UCA is essentially unimpeachable in contrast to either a cooperating defendant who is attempting to avoid charges or get a sentence reduction, or a paid informant, both of whom may have motives to lie

• Undercover Operations ‐ Lights, Camera, Action!

• With or without UCA, to the extent possible, you should have consensual or Title III recordings of every meeting and call.

• Tapes are unimpeachable and jurors expect them.

• Predication

• A reasonable basis to suspect the target is or has engaged in criminal activity. Much lower than probable cause standard.

• Criminal investigations should not be fishing expeditions or integrity testing operations, and predication helps prevent overreaching

• Predication helps overcome entrapment defense, claims of selective or vindictive prosecution, and Hyde Amendment (attorney’s fees) claims

• Handling the Cooperating Witness (“CW”)

• Give specific directions to the CW and make sure that the CW is told that no “freelancing” is permitted. Enforce this from the beginning, and do not let the CW seize control, even if he or she appears to be producing results.

• Corroborate the CW as much as possible, even on small points, and make sure all contacts between the CW and the targets are recorded. Jurors tend to disbelief the uncorroborated, unrecorded word of a paid witness.

• Plan for impact of CW’s plea agreement, immunity, or payments on the jury.

Flipping a Corrupt Senator, administrative aide or tech Insider:

– The tactical “Silver Bullet”

• Leaving a flipped insider in place can be an extremely effective tool in an ongoing public corruption case because of the knowledge and access they can bring to the investigation.

• Can be used to strengthen or build cases against existing targets and to identify, predicate, investigate, and prosecute other targets.

• In setting with institutional or high‐level corruption, a flipped target in place may be the key to gaining entry to a “closed-shop” of corruption.

• Flipping a Corrupt Insider ‐ Inherent Risks

• Beware of: being double‐crossed by a flipped insider who warns other targets and/or helps them generate exculpatory recordings; inadvertent leaks; the insider committing other crimes or wrongdoing while “on our side.”

• Must also make sure that you keep the insider safe.

• The Flip Attempt

• Determine the right target to pitch. Normally neither the top nor the bottom target. Assess which target may be most effective as a continuing cooperator

• Use the element of surprise and make strongest presentation possible.

• If target wants to cooperate, start by getting a confession.

• If target wants to consult an attorney, they need to do it on the spot.


• Impact of charges is enormous on elected officials or high‐level appointees. Mere existence of an investigation can destroy a career or a life.

• Proceed carefully ‐ you do not want to be used by someone looking to settle a political score or strike back at a business rival.

• Conduct the investigation and prosecution “by the book.” Expect the defense to attack not only the charges, but also the conduct of the investigation.

• Be prepared for heightened public and press scrutiny. Remember that in any big corruption case, the “world is watching.

If you are going to go to the trouble to interdict a political, corporate or agency “bad guy” you should pick the ones whose termination and/or shame will have the greatest benefit for all.

For example; let’s look at a corrupt political “crime family” known as the “Paypal Mafia”. They are also known as “The Deep State”, “The Silicon Valley Cartel” and other quaint names.

They have based their lives and culture around the Godfather movies and openly refer to themselves as a “cartel”. They have gotten away with it, so far, because they have more money than most law enforcement agencies have. They have thousands of law firms, lobbyists and dirty tricks operatives who spend all day denying, deferring and delaying the justice that is coming for them.

The indisputable facts about them are the assertions that the Silicon Valley oligarchs:

1. Control business and politics like a crime Cartel

2. Are a white male fraternity who attack outsiders in organized manners

3. Come from dynastic families that systematically ran them through Stanford, Harvard and Yale men’s clubs

4. Were socially trained and programmed to operate in a closed, tribal, exclusionary manner

5. Operated the “Angelgate” collusion scandal

6. Operated the “Silicon Valley High Tech Employee Collusion” for which they were sued in a famous class-action case

7. Controlled the Obama Administration and the Obama White House and traded most key staff with that Administration

8. Have been sued, indicted and charged in divorce proceedings with an unusually massive amount of sex trafficking matters

9. Use the same 10 law-firms who have been charged with public policy manipulation

10. Control internet news, media and information

11. “Own” certain U.S. Senators by virtue of direct bribe payments and securities/stock payola payments

12. Use a variety of tools like GUST, Private Google Docs sites, covert Facebook pages and similar, to secret conspire and plan collusion and organized monopolistic practices

13. Have their venture capitalists spy on entrepreneurs and copy their technology to be deployed by Google, or Facebook under a new name

14. Are a Mafia-like criminal organization

15. Have “command and control and exclusive beneficiary positions in ongoing, coordinated, criminal and anti-trust activities involving government and stock market funds…”.

As a case-in-point relative to how hard it is to arrest these kinds of mobsters: the sex crime victims of Cartel member Jeffrey Epstein reported him to the DOJ a decade ago, yet nothing was done.

Our peers reported this Cartel to federal agencies in 2008, STILL, nothing has been done!

These people run Ponzi schemes with State and Federal funds in “stimulus” after “stimulus”!

They use free government money (your money), stock valuation pump-and-dump and black-lists to make certain that no competitor can ever operate against them in any market. The public has had enough of them. In addition to filing many formal federal requests for FBI, SEC and FTC investigation, you as a member of the public, can do much more

YOU can fight back and destroy these kinds of dirty oligarchs!

The tech Cartel is evil because they steal any technology they desire; they run a prostitution ring and sexually extort young women and interns in Silicon Valley; they are misogynists, ageists and racists as their history of abuses has proven; their Palo Alto Cartel operates AngelGate-type collusion and stock market insider trading schemes that harm independent business and the public; Their Cartel ran the “no poaching” CEO ring which was class-action sued by DOJ and tech workers; 90% of their divorce court files reveal horrific abuses and sex trafficking; They have an army of lobbyists that pay cash, stock market and revolving door bribes to U.S. Senators; They can even evade FBI & SEC investigations; They hire women to act as ‘trophy wives’ and ‘beards’; they have lobbyists rig the U.S. Patent Office in order to block inventor patent rights because they are using stolen technologies; they have been caught on video and recordings beating, kicking and harming women hundreds of times; They have bought up all of the Tier-One tech law firms and order them to never help those who seek equal tech rights; they collude to abuse your privacy and make databases on the public for political control; they have to cheat to compete because they are only good with spread sheets instead of innovation; They run black-lists, character assassination attacks, collusion and other anti-trust violating acts in violation of RICO laws.

When the bad guys, and their lap-dog politicians, attack you because your products are better than theirs they are proving that they are frat boy scumbags, from Stanford and Yale, that operate in a little pack, like dogs! Their Sandhill Road VC operation should be raided by the FBI!

Indeed, the best thing that could come from the COVID pandemic is that they all are forced into bankruptcy!

When your Senator holds stock market shares in companies that exist to profit on the backs of consumers, then it is impossible for that Senator to ever do anything but be corrupt!

The crooks at Google, Facebook, Tesla, Linkedin, Netflix, etc., broke felony laws and the basic principles of Democracy.

They bribed your Senators, White House Staff, insider agency staff and operated a Silicon Valley Oligarch sociopath political Cartel.

As Mother Jones top editor says: “In 18 years of living here, I find zero evidence that the “City Family” is benefiting anybody but its members, developers, old-school socialites, and tech billionaires…”

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) February 14, 2020

“I can’t even with how insular and incestuous and corrupt SF is. Mayor @londonbreed acknowledges she had relationship with DPW Nuru two decades ago and that they remained close friends https://t.co/HEhIlulkyj”

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) February 14, 2020

Your public officials set-up, operated and maintained an organized crime scheme for personal profit at the expense of every taxpayer. They went after Five Trillion treasury dollars of your tax money for their personal interests via rigged stock market scams, rigged government contracts, exclusionary policy manipulations and other schemes that harmed American taxpayers.

This makes Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, David Plouffe, and that gang, ideal targets.

You Owe It To Yourself To Take Them Down!

In addition to the thanks of a grateful nation, you get some mighty fine feelings of satisfaction knowing that the David And Goliath story really can come true.

You can wipe out the bad guys out, all  by yourself, in 100% legal ways.

You can wipe them out even faster with crowd-sourced forensics and anti-corruption ai software! join the rest of the public in an epic anti-corruption effort!

You will learn to write FBI-quality criminal activities reports and file those reports, by certified mail, with every law enforcement and regulatory agency in every country in the world, including the FBI, OSC, GAO, EU, Interpol, FSB, UN, etc. CC the social media sites with your reports.

You will use basic private investigator websites to track and back-ground every person, organization and company involved in the corruption and trace their RICO law violations. You can provide that data to The U.S. Congress and every agency, with a copy to every social media posting.

You will use open-source, free, collaborative NSA-class global databases that can track all of the locations, hookers, fake fronts, family trusts, bank accounts, stock market accounts, bribes and other goodies, of any corrupt public official, in minutes! You get that free anti-corruption software from GitHub, CodePen, Torrents, Onion Project, The Guardian, ICIJ and all over the web.

YOU will run your own private investigator/citizen sleuth crowd-sourced investigations into the following:

– Every stock market account they or their family owns

– Every Uber or Lyft ride they ever took for any meeting or transport of sex workers

– Every flight manifest they appeared on

– Every bank account they have ever held

– Every lawsuit, divorce record and police record they have ever appeared in

– Every trust fund they or their family holds

– Every shell corporation they, or their family holds

– Every person named in the Epstein Pedo book: https://www.scribd.com/document/416207833/Jeffrey-Epsteins-Little-Black-Book-Redacted    cross referenced across all of the other databases and then supplied to the FBI and Child Protection Agencies

– Every item in the Swiss Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

– Every item in the Panama Papers Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

– Every item in the WikiLeaks that cross connects to their holdings

– Every item in the Snowden Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

– Every sex trafficking incident that connects to each of them alone, and in groups

– Every financial transaction between any of the parties on the master list and the character assassination and hit job firms of: Google, Univision, Gawker Media, Unimoda, Jalopnik, Gizmodo,Black Cube, Fusion GPS, Media Matters, Think Progress, IN-Q-Tel, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat, Podesta Group, YouTube, Alphabet, David Drummond, Larry Page, Facebook, Correct The Recor, Stratfor, ShareBlue, Sid Blumenthal, David Brock, Eric Schmidt, Sunshine Sachs, Covington and Burling, Buzzfeed, Perkins Coie and Wilson Sonsini or their derivatives with common owners.

– Every item in the Quest Leaks that cross connects to their holdings

– Every tactical deployment, by a campaign financier, of the tactics listed in this manual: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP89-01258R000100010002-4.pdf

– Every sex service that their credit card payments every connect too

– Every real estate transaction that any name or company they, or their family, were involved in, tracks to

….. and hundreds of thousands of other information points about them that prove that they benefit from crimes that they engage in for others who engage in crimes using the America public policy system.

It all goes into shared 100% legal public collaborative databases that work like XKEYSCORE, or MS Access, or Oracle Databases.

The proof of collusion, organized criminal actions and raw covert corruption is indisputable. The actors are all the same people. The beneficiaries are all the same people. The communications between the parties all coordinate the same actions.

Demand their arrests, indictments, exposures and bankruptcies in public ads, letters to the editor, blog posts, bumper stickers, lawsuits, flyers, newsletters, email and every other outreach manner.

Say “Fuck You” to the Silicon Valley Oligarch ‘Illuminati’ scumbags and the crooked Senators and Governor’s they bribed.

Show these oligarch crooks what billions of taxpaying voters with collaborative FBI-class forensics investigation software can do to their corrupt tech Cartel!

You can show up at the front door of their home, office, hotel room or vacation cabin and legally arrest them with a citizen’s arrest execution. More on that later.

First Steps

You will write up and/or organize a dossier on each crook.

YOU will hunt down each corrupt politician, oligarch and their operatives

First, send them a note, anonymously, to tell them that you, and the rest of the public, are coming for them.

Include a copy of this manual so that they know what is headed their way. Let them know that none of their New Zealand bolt holes, Cayman and Virgin Island hide-aways, private islands or Ukrainian dachas will protect them and that the public is EVERYWHERE that they are.

If they have nothing to hide, as they say, then they should not care. They should only be afraid of the truth if the truth is as disgusting as everyone says. If they are not buying hookers and rent-boys, laundering money, bribing politicians, manipulating elections, supporting sex cults, abusing interns, violating ant-trust laws and doing the other bad things they are charged with, it should not matter to them.


… get a manila file folder and label it “Target One”. Make an encrypted folder on your computer and also label that folder “Target One”. These folders are where you will organize all of the data you collect on your target.

You will undertake the investigative tasks, using your personal computer and your free time, completing the following missions (or getting others to):

    1. Dig through their trash and buy their trash bags from the garbage man after they pick them up or pay the local homeless guy to do it for you
    2. Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding with the name of their family on it
    3. Research current and / or historical property holdings of every family member of the crooks
    4. Identify mortgage information for each family member of the crooks
    5. Identify secured lenders each family member of the crook has used
    6. Identify related-party property transactions for money laundering
    7. Determine current market value of real property that the crook or family members owns
    8. Locate bankruptcy filings for any of their family members or companies
    9. Retrieve and analyze bankruptcy records for any of their family members or companies
    10. Uncover improper relationships with prostitutes, rent boys, sex cults, BDSM groups, One Taste, Nexium, Inner Circle and other sex abuse operations
    11. Locate federal civil lawsuits against them on Pacer.gov
    12. Locate federal criminal records against them on Pacer.gov and the 120+ private investigator websites
    13. Retrieve and analyze federal civil and criminal records on each of their names
    14. Retrieve mug shots from arrest records
    15. Provide independent analysis from other investigators
    16. Locate state and local criminal arrest records
    17. Retrieve and analyze review criminal records
    18. Acquire pictures of them entering or leaving restaurants, hotels, offices and other locations and identify who they are with
    19. Locate home phone numbers
    20. Locate cell phone numbers
    21. Identify the owner of related home or cell phone numbers
    22. Determine owners of corporations they were involved with
    23. Retrieve and analyze corporate records
    24. Locate current or former executives
    25. Interview current or former executives
    26. Find and retrieve judgment and lien filings
    27. Research familial history
    28. Connect the dots via AI software analysis tools
    29. Locate witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
    30. Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
    31. Find all of their assets hidden under family trusts and facade corporations
    32. Find current or historical boat registrations
    33. Find current or historical aircraft registrations
    34. Search for hidden assets
    35. Conduct business intelligence
    36. Conduct discreet intelligence gathering
    37. Determine connections between parties
    38. Locate bank account information
    39. Locate current or former employees of a company
    40. Interview current or former employees of a company
    41. Locate significant inheritances
    42. Show you routes of all of the tail numbers of their aircraft
    43. Identify a will for an estate they or a family member might own
    44. Locate probate records
    45. Identify foreign assets
    46. Locate regulatory records
    47. Identify regulatory actions
    48. Identify professional licenses
    49. Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
    50. Analyze state and federal political contributions
    51. Analyze state lobbyist records
    52. Analyze federal lobbyist records
    53. Identify potential whistle-blowers from their ex employees and contractors
    54. Vet expert witnesses
    55. Interview industry sources
    56. Gather competitive intelligence
    57. Identify related party business transactions
    58. Retrieve and analyze non-profit financial filings
    59. Knock on doors for surveys about them
    60. Obtain and analyze Department of Labor Form 5500 Filings
    61. Submit FOIA / FOIL requests to government agencies
    62. Obtain driving record history (in applicable states)
    63. Find current vehicle registrations
    64. Find historical vehicle registrations
    65. They use Google, Facebook and Linkedin to spy on you. Get the information that Google, Facebook and Linkedin sells to Axciom, Equifax and hundreds of other spy databases and run searches on THEM!
    66. Determine current market value of motor vehicles
    67. Assist with jury selection
    68. Background checks on prospective jurors
    69. Analyze documents for potential fraud
    70. Identify Risks
    71. Identifying corporate relationships
    72. Find all of their ex lovers and aides on Linkedin
    73. Identify Uniform Commercial Code filings
    74. Foreign corporation research
    75. Help you manage sensitive situations
    76. Overseas litigation research
    77. Identify stock ownership
    78. Find facts
    79. Locate online resume
    80. Identify online networking profiles
    81. Locate historical video or news footage
    82. Conduct historical newspaper research
    83. Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance
    84. Perform clandestine operations
    85. Find undisclosed ties
    86. Identify and retrieve U.S. Tax Court cases
    87. Locate a missing person
    88. Identify and confirm education history
    89. Identify and confirm previous employment history
    90. Scour the Internet
    91. Research presence on social networks or message boards
    92. We will tell you what those bastards are up to!
    93. Send the IRS information about how Google, Netflix, Alphabet are cheating on their taxes and hiding money in Ireland and the Cayman Islands. Get the IRS to sue the oligarchs in tax court.
    94. Enhance the publishing of research articles proving that Silicon Valley tech companies destroy the minds of children with tech addiction and brain manipulation and get parents to sue those companies for harming their children
    95. Expose every secret cash conduit that the oligarchs use to bribe politicians
    96. Demand new laws in Congress to stop politicians from owning any stock because that is the #1 source of bribes
    97. Use lip-reading software to see what they are saying or have an actual deaf-person do it
    98. Photograph them with any hotties they are seen with and then face-track the hotties to see if they are hookers or ill-repute escorts
    99. Use one of the many free on-line news publishing softwares and make a global online newspaper that constantly exposes their crimes
    100. Write every federal agency and demand investigation and prosecution of the perps
    101. Assemble the massive number of news reports about their sex scandals and distribute those reports as books, articles, documentaries and news aggregations to prove what a bunch of sick perverts these people are
    102. Publish the speaker list from Techonomy, Davos, TED, Burning Man, etc. to show that it is always the same little group of arrogant assholes that self-promote their hype at each of these elitist events
    103. Leave notices on the windshield of any of their Tesla’s reminding them what douche-bags they are
    104. Organize petitions and letter-writing campaigns to have the overtly corrupt ones removed from their jobs
    105. Go to their share-holder meetings and hand-out flyers about their corruption
    106. Hire Charles Spies ( https://www.dickinson-wright.com/our-people/charles-spies?tab=0  ) to sue them
    107. Hire Harmeet K. Dhillon  (http://www.dhillonlaw.com ) to sue them
    108. Hire COA ( http://www.causeofaction.org) to sue them
    109. Hire law firms from China or Russia to sue them for a very low price
    110. Hire Steven S. Biss  ( http:// www.linkedin.com/in/steven-s-biss-6517037 ) to sue them
    111. Blog about the corruption of the political targets every day with the day’s news each day
    112. Read their divorce filings in court records and see who else might help expose their corruption
    113. Read their locations over the last 12 months – https://www.protocol.com/government-buying-location-data
    114. Talk to every neighbor that has filed a complaint about them
    115. Hire Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP to sue them, especially tech media companies
    116. Re-read all of the latest “How To Be A Private Investigator” books and brochures
    117. Ask Paul Kangas in San Francisco how he investigates the corrupt
    118. Go back to http://www.pacer.gov and read each of the lawsuits against them to get more clues about them
    119. Put a card table and a pop-up booth outside their office and hand out flyers about them
    120. Publish every stock market share they, and their family, owns
    121. Produce a dossier on every corrupt partner of every Silicon Valley VC firm
    122. Know that there are over 3000 additional forensic tools you can use to expose them 100% legally…
    123. Read The Big Book https://www.amazon.com/Big-Book-Revenge-Serious-Getting/dp/0806521414  and many “How To  Be A Private Investigator”-type books.