(REVIEW) Facebook’s Pathetic Meta VR Universe Is A Sad 1990’s Rip-Off Of The Oldest Version Of Minecraft

Mark Zuckerberg had to quickly distract people from the fact that everyone has realized that Facebook is a lying, propaganda-based spy service for political bosses.

He had blown a bunch of cash on cheap VR headsets so he decided that Facebook would become a “VR Company” because spying on you inside of games might not be as obvious as spying on you in your digital diary. His VR switcheroo is just a smoke-screen to hide the fact that a zillion federal and civil lawsuits are crawling up his butt.

The sad little Horizon Worlds VR Metaverse that Facebook has popped out gives users a glimpse of what you can expect. You have to be over 18 because of all of the rape, groping, cussing and lynchings in Fecesbook’s delightful little romp. You also have to throw away your old Facebook Oculus Quest and buy a whole new one that can spy on you, the room you are in and your words EVEN MORE. Fun! Huh?

The graphics of the game seem to have been done by a 15 year old beginner programmer, decades ago. The cartoon like images and the fact that Facebook political monitors are recording everything you do, and everything that the external camera’s see, make it extra horrifying. Yes, Facebook can see all of the piles of laundry in your bedroom and hear your Mom yell at you from the kitchen to “go outside and get some fresh air”.

The fake pre-produced trailers for the game were stunning but the real thing does not even remotely, live up to expectations. The massively underwhelming thing that the Zuck Bucks paid for is nothing any kid is going to play. It is nothing any adult would care about. Zuck thinks he can buy creativity and innovation because he has so much money but all he can buy with his money are politicians. I looked at this with high-end VR headsets and the high resolution just shows how bad a job Facebook did. It was rushed out, with bad QA, via input from Facebook insiders that have no clue what VR is. Maybe the Facebook staff were too busy with other things: ie:

Facebook’s Meta Verse simply SUCKS BALLS! Every other gaming company has come out with a thousand times better VR environment. If the VR game Alyx is a 10 on the game scale then Facebook’s META-Verse is a MINUS 9.