On November 15, 2019 The Pandemic Was Started By Lobbyists

Agencies and analysts had enough information on 11.15.19 to know what was coming. On that date the borders should have been 100% closed. Every airliner should have been forced to land and every cruise ship should have docked at the nearest port. No person should have been allowed cross the threshold of ANY of those things without a detailed blood test.

Billions of dollars of lobbyists for Big Tech, airline companies and cruise ship companies come out to every politician and said “no way”.

Thus, this whole time since then, those three delivery platforms have running like gangbusters. You might recall that two of the first industries to get specially accelerated stimulus funds offers were Cruise lines and airlines…the very people that killed the planet.

Everybody knows what you do when a pandemic runs riot: quarantine!

The power of corruption and lobbyists has never been more dramatically proven. Are your friends or relatives dead from the pandemic? Thank United Airlines!


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