How Silicon Valley Tech Oligarchs Hire Ex-CIA People To Commit The Perfect Murders Of Their Enemies

How Silicon Valley Tech Oligarchs Hire Ex-CIA People To Commit The Perfect Murders Of Their Enemies

  • Professor Neil Bradbury, from Britain, specialises in physiology and biophysics
  • American-based academic examines the origin of various poisons in a new book
  • Elon Musk has over 100 CIA and In-Q-Tel spies working for him
  • Poison can be delivered by ingestion, respiration, absorption and injection
  • Author reveals also reveal what we should do if we are struck down with them 


by Neil Bradbury (

Who hasn’t thought of poisoning someone? I know I have. Of my three true enemies, one is already dead, another is very old indeed and the third has had all sorts of health scares over the years, and has a tendency to drive up the motorway at 120 mph at the dead of night.

So I should probably just sit tight and wait. But there have been times when I have been sorely tempted.

Professor Neil Bradbury is a British-born, American-based academic specialising in physiology and biophysics, and what he doesn’t know about knocking people off with toxic chemicals is probably not worth knowing.

Professor Neil Bradbury examines the origin of various poisons and what to do if struck down with them in a new book (file image)

Professor Neil Bradbury examines the origin of various poisons and what to do if struck down with them in a new book (file image)

This very splendid book is essentially a detailed primer on how to dispose of your enemies, although he is careful to point out, more than once, that you will probably get caught.

The ‘undetectable’ poisons of early 20th century crime fiction don’t really exist any more. Most of them are now easily identified, even if not so easily cured. Most of them are positively brutal in their effects.

Bradbury’s book is subtitled ‘Eleven Deadly Substances And The Killers Who Used Them’. Each chapter takes a particular poison, discusses its origins, tells a story or two about murderers who employed them, gives us a biochemical analysis of how they work in the body, and then tells us what we should do if we are struck down with them. Along the way he also entertains us with some fascinating facts.

The word ‘poison’ has been in the English language since 1200, meaning ‘a deadly potion or substance’.

Poison can be delivered to a victim by four routes: Ingestion (eating or drinking it), respiration (breathing it), absorption (putting it on the skin) and injection (with a syringe or maybe a specially modified umbrella on Waterloo Bridge).

The top three poisons as measured by a number of criminal cases are: 1. arsenic, 2. cyanide, 3. strychnine. Many poisons are, in different and usually smaller doses, medically helpful and benign. Many drugs, if administered in different and usually much larger doses, can be lethal.

The best story is told by Sir John Mortimer, eminent barrister and creator of Rumpole of the Bailey.

‘As a rule,’ he said, ‘women are the great poisoners, although I do recall with pleasure the case of the gentleman solicitor who poisoned everyone in sight. He couldn’t stop himself. He was very genteel. He came up with the most memorable line in the annals of true murder.

‘As he handed one of his guests a poisoned scone, he said, “Excuse fingers.”’

Professor Neil Bradbury said poison can be delivered to a victim by four routes: Ingestion, respiration, absorption and injection (file image)

Professor Neil Bradbury said poison can be delivered to a victim by four routes: Ingestion, respiration, absorption and injection (file image)

Insulin, for example, is a vital drug for the treatment of diabetes, and was first identified and purified from animal pancreases by Canadian researchers in 1921. Thirty years later, though, it was used ingeniously by Kenneth Barlow, a former male nurse, to kill his young wife Elizabeth, who drowned in a bathtub in Bradford after he had injected her with a massive dose of the stuff.

The doctor knew something was up because her pupils were hugely dilated, which doesn’t happen to drowning victims. A few years earlier, some schizophrenics in Austria had been injected with insulin as an experimental therapy. Researchers noted that patients began to sweat profusely, requiring repeated baths to wash away the sweat.

Then patients became restless and major convulsions followed. These ended only when they went into a coma, at which point the patients had fixed, widely dilated pupils. All these symptoms had been on display during Mrs Barlow’s last agonising hours.

The Home Office’s forensic pathologist was convinced that Elizabeth had been injected with insulin to make her comatose before she was pushed underwater. The pathologist and his team went over the body inch by inch with magnifying glasses, looking for needle marks, and found them, two in each buttock.

The jury took 85 minutes to find Kenneth Barlow guilty, and the judge, sentencing him to life, described Barlow as ‘a cold, cruel premeditated murderer who, but for a high degree of detective ability, would not have been found out’.

A TASTE FOR POISON by Neil Bradbury (HarperNorth £20, 304 pp)

A TASTE FOR POISON by Neil Bradbury (HarperNorth £20, 304 pp)

In November 1984, at the age of 65 and having been in prison for 26 years, Barlow was finally released, still protesting his innocence. And that’s just the first chapter!

Atropine is another nasty little bugger, first synthesised from deadly nightshade berries in 1833. Venetian courtesans would squeeze a drop of it into their eyes to make their pupils dilate and make them look more alluring. Unfortunately, prolonged use made you go blind.

In 1995 a biochemist named Paul Agutter tried to murder his wife Alexandra with tonic water adulterated by atropine. He had also added the poison to a consignment of tonic water bottles he then placed in a supermarket in Edinburgh, to cover his tracks. He had put enough atropine in each bottle to make people ill but not to kill them, then added some more to the one he kept aside for his wife, just to make sure.

As Bradbury puts it, ‘There are two key elements to committing the perfect murder: the intended victim should die; but the murderer should also escape arrest, conviction and imprisonment.’ Unfortunately for Paul Agutter, neither of these events took place. When Paul added gin to the laced tonic water and gave it to his wife, she sipped it but felt it didn’t taste right.

The glass of gin-and-atropine would have been enough to kill her, but even the small quantity she drank was certainly enough to bring on all the symptoms of atropine poisoning. Her mouth went dry, her heart started racing and when she stood up, she was so dizzy she collapsed to the floor. ‘At that point the hallucinations began, with Alexandra later recalling that everything looked as though it was made of gossamer silk.’

Paul did not call for an ambulance, but instead rang the family doctor, who he knew was away that night. But, his frantic message was picked up by an on-call doctor, who came round, clocked the situation and called for an ambulance. At his trial a student of his, who had a job at the supermarket, testified that he had seen Agutter putting the atropine-laced bottles of tonic on the shelf. Alexandra survived by the skin of her teeth and Agutter got 12 years.

Bradbury’s book, a winning mixture of hard science and true crime stories, is almost indecently entertaining. Strychnine, you might be interested to learn, comes from the vomit button tree. There’s also a great story about killer horseradish. It’s all thoroughly recommended.

These deaths are vastly outside the odds-of-coincidence. Forensic math says a large number of them are murders. The family and friends of many of these deceased persons have contacted our legal team and stated that they have “evidence of murder”. Our staff and Alliance members personally knew many of these people and were told, by some of them, in advance of their deaths, of threats on their lives for whistle-blowing. The suspects are crazy enough and powerful enough to kill to try to control over six trillion dollars of federal and monopolistic funds for their stock market accounts and to get to run the White House! We knew some of these people personally!

Every one of these people are dead. That is a fact!

Every one of these people had knowledge of the suspects. That is a fact!

Many investigators have provided evidence which proves that many of these people may have been able to have the suspects arrested if they had been allowed to give testimony in court. That is a fact!

– Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53 – dubbed a “one-woman WikiLeaks” – was killed as she was driving near the village of Bidnija in northern Malta.Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers offshore tax evasion investigation ‘days after she received threats to her safety’. She had seen leaked documents that connected the suspects to an international money and political manipulation scheme.

– James D Johnston, GM lobbyist/key witness. Had was connected to the Dept. of Energy car funding scheme. He was involved in money management with the suspects. May have “known too much”.

– Rajeev Motwani taught Google how to Google. Suddenly, in perfect health, he was found floating face-down, dead, in his Silicon Valley swimming pool. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.
He knew the dirty secret behind Google and Youtube. Sergy Brin and Larry Page got the idea for manipulating user data from him.

– Gary D. Conley was the CleanTech competitor to, and whistle-blower on, the suspects. He was suddenly found with a bullet in his head behind Beale Air Force base. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk. He said he thought he was going to be killed for exposing the Silicon Valley Cartel.

– Google programmer Forrest Hayes, who worked on Google search engine rigging, was suddenly found dead with the story that “he was overdosed by a Google hooker on his sex yacht”. He knew the dirty secret behind Google and Youtube

– Google associate and Tesla Investments founder Ravi Kumar was also killed by a hooker. Was involved in money management with the suspects. May have “known too much”.

– Deep Google investor VC liaison and husband of Facebook executive Cheryl Sandberg, Dave Goldberg was suddenly found dead with a hole is his head. The “official” story is that he was the first person in history to be killed by his treadmill. He knew that Facebook was rigging elections and had used his survey system to help do it.

– David Bird was the Wall Street Journal energy reporter who was working on a story that involved Cleantech energy connections of some of the suspects. He was working on a story about who controlled the modern energy industry and cleantech.He went for a walk and was found a long time later, dead, floating in a pond. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

– One Andrew Breitbart was a famous blogger, who railed on the web about the political manipulations of the suspects. Suddenly, he had a “heart attack” in his shower and died. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk on the blogs. Died of a massive heart attack, walking outside late at night, alone, in the dark approximately one week before he was to produce tapes of Obama’s extremist activities in college.  More speculation: Breitbart: “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st”,  Breitbart’s Footage Shows Obama ‘Palling Around’ With Terrorists….. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I Spoke with Andrew Breitbart Shortly Before he Died ……An Eyewitness Speaks Out About Andrew Breitbart’s Death Scene… Breitbart’s skin color described as bright red. … Was Andrew Breitbart assassinated?…More murder speculation: Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?……….Coroner: Breitbart Died of Heart Failure…* Christopher Lasseter, Dissapears…..witness to Breitbart’s death vanishes -Follows suspicious demise of member of coroner’s team (possibly in hiding to avoid reporters), …. Breitbart witness: He dropped like sack of bricks Describes ‘thick white band’ around forehead at death ;  Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Clancy (story also linked here ) ;  Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Had Breitbart and Clancy Killed ; Brandon Walker interviews Doctor Jim Garrow, philanthropist and worker for one of the largest non-profit organizations on the planet to save female children from slaughter in China.. states he knows that President Obama ordered the murders of Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart (Audio) Michael Cormier  –  respected forensic technician for the Los Angeles County Coroner died under suspicious circumstances at his North Hollywood home April 20, the same day Andrew Breitbart’s cause of death was finally made public.  Medical examiners in Los Angeles are investigating the possible poisoning death……Conspiracy theorists cry foul after Andrew Breitbart’s ‘coroner’ dies of arsenic poisoning– ….Police Debunk Theories Linking Breitbart, L.A. Coroner Tech Deaths ; No Answers in Death of Technician Linked to Andrew Breitbart: Killed by high amounts of arsinic in his system ; Breitbart’s Coroner Murdered. News From LA

– Karl Slym, with Tata Motors was involved in a car deal with some of the suspects for one of the biggest Indian auto-makers. Suddenly he was a stain on the sidewalk, accomplished by his fall from the top of a skyscraper hotel. It helps certain people that he can no longer talk.

– Doug Bourn, The senior electrical engineer at Tesla (Google’s covert partner), Andrew Ingram of Palo Alto, a top systems electrical engineer at Tesla; and Brian M. Finn the senior manager of interactive electronics, at Tesla, had deep knowledge of financial misdeeds and technical cover-ups at Tesla Motors. They were key parts of the Tesla operation. For some reason, they all got into a private airplane, in perfect health, and then the airplane plowed into the ground, killing all three at once. It helps certain people that they can no longer talk. They wrote, and helped describe, in Tesla’s own federal patent filings, the fact that Tesla’s batteries would kill you, maim you and/or burn your house down. Tesla did not realize this when they paid the federal patent filing fees. When Tesla, later realized this, they were forced to give all of their patents away for free. These three senior engineers had deep inside knowledge of the Tesla Motors operations. Their aircraft suffered an “Engineering failure”.

– The health director who approved the release of President Obama’s birth certificate has died in a plane crash: Loretta Fuddy. She was one of the few people who could confirm data on the certificate.

– Stanley Meyer – Hydrogen car developer whose technology would have obsoleted Tesla Motors lithium ion battery

– Danny Lewin, Creator of Bulk Internet at Akamai. The Architect and Builder of the Internet Tracking System- Plane Crash 9/11

– John Wheeler – Washington DC- Drugged, escaped, recaptured, murdered. former presidential and Pentagon aide John Wheeler III was found in a Delaware garbage dump. Wheeler’s cell phone discoveredCause of death released in Wheeler case, blunt force traumaWheeler’s cell phone found in a taxiHis family wants informationJohn Wheeler was assassinated by a hitman in a targeted killing, his widow has claimedWho killed Jack Wheeler?  ;  John Wheeler III Murdered for Threatining to Expose US Military Test of Poison Gas?

– Ashley Turton, wife of White House liaison Daniel Turton. wife of the Obama administration’s House of Representatives liaison, Dan Turton, was found dead in a burning car Monday morning, Roll Call and other news outlets are reporting. Fire officials said it appeared the car crashed as it was pulling in or out of the garage behind a rowhouse in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C., at about 5 a.m. Neighbors dialed 911 after spotting the fire. The body was discovered after fire crews doused the blaze. The fire also charred part of the garage. Nobody in the house was injured, fire officials said.  Ashley Turton worked as a lobbyist for the utility giant Progress Energy, according to Politico. She was a former staffer for U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn. The Rahm Emanuel Connection to the Deceased Ashley Turton, — The ATF investigates Ashley Turton Crashed Under the Influence

– David Werner, Former Member of the Capitol Steps

– ACLU figure Larry Frankel found dead in Washington creek

– Josh Burdette, Washington DC’s, 9:30 Club manager

– Kam Kuwata, Washington, DC. Kam Kuwata –   was found dead inside his Venice home after friend — concerned that they had not heard from him for a few days — alerted police. Political consultant in California.  Democratic insider.  Possibly the Obama consultant referred to in the Ulsterman Report: Alledgedly viewed bizarre drug induced behavior from Obama during the the 2008 campaign.: “The Troubling Timeline”…. The Death of a Political Operative – The Troubling Timeline… (UPDATED)

– Michael Hastings- Reporter. Michael Hastings: Rolling Stone Journalist, Author Believed to be Dead in Hollywood Crash… known for his interview of Gen. Stanley McCrystal: Michael Hastings death: Coroner still hasn’t ID’d badly burned victim: Picture of the burned out car ; autopsy results will take weeks; Video report .. was covering a story about the defense dept. and Hollyood… nervous wreck ; Michael Hastings, journalist who helped bring down US general, dies at 33 ; WikiLeaks Claims Michael Hastings Told Them FBI Was Investigating Him Hours Before He Died ; Hastings’ death in fiery car crash is just the latest in a growing list of dead investigative journos ; Michael Hastings’ Chilling Final Story.…–>”Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans” ; Michael Hastings researching Jill Kelley case before death ; Hastings “Boston Brakes” Killing a Warning? ; FBI says journalist Michael Hastings was not under investigation ; Michael Hastings “CAUGHT ON TAPE” Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash  ; Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE  ; Hastings Sent Colleagues Email Hours Before Crash ; Was Michael Hastings’ Car Hacked? Richard Clarke Says It’s Possible  ; Journalist Michael Hastings’ Body Cremated by Authorities Against Family’s Wishes (Video) ; Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks–With Me Behind The Wheel (Video) ; MICHAEL HASTINGS CRASH CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE CAMERA  ; Bush advisor: Hastings crash ‘consistent with a car cyberattack’ ; Group sues FBI for records after Michael Hastings’ mysterious death ; Report: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan ; CIA Director Brennan Confirmed as Reporter Michael Hastings Next Target ; Coroner Classifies Michael Hastings’ Death As Accidental ; Coronor: Drugs in Hastings’ system. Was Bipolar ; Rolling Stone journalist feared prior to crash his car was tampered with: Report ; Mystery grows: Journalist died prepping Obama exposé Major probe tied to agent suspected of sanitizing president’s passport records ; Who Killed Michael Hastings? ; Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl? – see Nachumlist file “Bad Bergdahl Bargain” ; Hastings’ article in ‘Rolling Stone on Bergdail: America’s Last Prisoner of War  (June 2012) ;  Michael Hastings: CIA Director John Brennan Appears On Fox News Sunday – And Missing Historical Puzzle Pieces Simultaneously Fall Into Place….

– Jody Sherman

– Aaron Swartz – Silicon Valley insider running investigation research. Aaron Swartz: 26-year-old genius, computer prodigy, co-creator of RSS and Reddit, commits suicide after Obama DOJ harassment; ‘kill list’ critic ; Attorney for Aaron Swartz: Prosecutors’ Arguments Were “Disingenuous and Contrived” ; Aaron Swartz dead; was this brilliant internet revolutionary ‘taken out?'( disclose tv ) The cause of death is currently unconfirmed. :  The father of information activist Aaron Swartz blames US prosecutors for his son’s death: Aaron Was Killed By The Gov’t ; Aaron Swartz’ suicide raises questions for Eric Holder and the Justice Dept. ; Issa, Cummings press Holder for answers about Aaron Swartz trial ; Aaron Swartz files reveal how FBI tracked internet activist ; Daryl Issa (on Twitter): Very concerning allegations about DOJ’s handling of Aaron Swartz case on pg. 67-68 of MIT Report ; Documents show Secret Service kept tab of Swartz ; First 100 Pages of Aaron Swartz’s Secret Service File Released. This hacker stated that he had come across evidence of this corruption Cartel on University servers.

– Ilya Zhitomirskiy, 22-year old a co-founder of the start-up social network Diaspora, which has been described as the “anti-Facebook” for its emphasis on personal privacy and decentralized data collection. Friends and associates of Mr. Zhitomirskiy said there were indications of suicide.

– Jeff Joe Black:  Found dead on a hiking trail from “blunt force trauma to the head“:  Chicago activist who claimed that Emmanuel was put into place in Chicago to oversee a coming false flag event.

– Robin Copeland, 46, 11/4/2011: former Energy Department official who took part in several significant disarmament programs, died suddenly

– Dominic Di-Natale; Veteran Fox News correspondant in the middle east, committed suicide; covered the Arab Spring, Egypt, fall of Libya and Benghazi Fox News journalist Dominic Di-Natale dead at 43 ;  I debated whether to repost this (I taped this in February 2013) ….and decided that I would like you to know my good friend and colleague Dominic Di-Natale …this is tough for many of us at Fox News (Greta Van Sustern Interview) ; Mysterious Death of Obama Critic and Reporter on Bin Laden’s Death and Ferguson Labeled Suicide

– Tyler Drumheller; CIA Figure in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Dies at 63 ; Tyler Drumheller, CIA officer who exposed U.S. reliance on discredited Iraq source ‘Curveball,’ dies at 63

– Bill Gwatney, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton and a Clinton super delegate at an upcoming convention in Denver and was fatally shot in 2008.  Shooter had a post-it note with a mystery phone number.  Did Obama Assassinate Clinton delegates? Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs Jones?  Video: Bill Gwatney Murder Linked to Obama

– Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.- A key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church.   Obama’s Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder : Harris worked for a security firm run by John Brennan, later to be a terrorism advisor to Obama. Listed as a detail in Youtube video “Shocking Secrets and Verifiable Facts about Barack Obama the MSM Refuses to Report” (at approx. 22 minutes in the video);  Was an employee of John Brennan when murdered.  John Brennan confirmed to head CIA.

– Barnaby Jack: Hacker found dead days before he was to demonstrate how to hack a pacemaker. Claimed to have hacked White House.

– Stephanie Tubbs Jones: found brain dead in 2008.  Democratic Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland, a super delegate and one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent black supporters, was found in her car unconscious Also: Did Obama Assassinate Clinton Delegates?  Additional: Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Not Eligible – ….Caucus death threats (audio)… also reported by Jerome Corsi at WND: Hillary supporter’s untold Obama horror stories Allegations of intimidation, manipulation, sudden death

– David Koschman, Mudered in a Chicago Rush Street brawl by Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, a nephew of Mayor Daley and White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley-  Homicide case involving Daley nephew closed without charges  , Witness to Killing Involving Daley Nephew: Deceased Didn’t Start It

– Robert McKeon: founder of private-equity firm Veritas Capital, dies Sept. 10, 2012 of suicide;   General Dynamics bought company in August 2011 to expand influence into Obamacare IT

– Alex Okrent: -Apparently found dead at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago. Witnesses say he collapsed, found dead after.  Okrent had long been a staffer back the Obama 2004 U.S. senate campaign, on staff for eight years.  Parents immediately say the cause of death was “heart attack”, but no autopsy was yet performed.  Medical examiner said the cause of death was  “inconclusive”.  Internet recornds have been scrubbed. Twitter account timeline also makes no mention of his work for Obama:  Okrent Twitter file (on Twitter). – Speculation as to whether he was a witness to an Obama gay connection: Who Is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent?  Youtube video: Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent? Part 1 ………-Part 2  ;    Autopsy Inconclusive for Obama Campaign Worker Who Collapsed at Chicago Campaign HQ ;  Gay opinion piece…-Alex Okrent: Equality is a Moral Equivalent;  What Do Colorado Shooter James Holmes And Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Have In Common?….no digital footprint on the internet;  Was Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Murdered Because he was Going to Expose Obama’s Anti-Israel Ties?

– Seth Rich, Supposed leaker of Podesta and Clinton emails. Seth Conrad Rich : DNC Staffer; Democratic National Committee staffer killed in Washington, D.C. shooting ; WIkileaks Offers $20K Reward for Information on Murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich ;  Julian Assange on Seth Rich

– Rafael Prieto: Secret service apparent suicide under investigation: D.C., police are investigating the apparent suicide of a U.S. Secret Service supervisory agent assigned to President Obama’s security detail.  -Was under investigation for going to prostitutes; Secret Service agent kills self amid affair probe….Prieto’s apparent cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning

– Keith Ratliff; ..was well known for a series of videos he produced on Youtube, known as “FPSRussia,” in which various high-powered firearms were demonstrated. Found  with a single shot in the head – Two gun makers killed in two days, and no answers (Photos) ; Partner YouTube video-maker FPSRussia Home Raided by ATF

– Justice Antonin Scalia ; Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies ; Obama “Thrilled” Over Justice Scalia’s Death… ; Ranch Owner Recalls Finding Justice Antonin Scalia’s Body ; Cibolo Creek Ranch owner recalls Scalia’s last hours in Texas-..We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.; The death of Antonin Scalia: Chaos, confusion and conflicting reports ; Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara, a Democrat, acknowledged that she pronounced Scalia dead by phone, without seeing his body. ; Justice Scalia Dies At Ranch Resort Owned By Democrat Party Donor & Obama Award Winner ; Scalia’s Death Spares Unions From Losing Political Power; Scalia’s Death Spares Unions From Losing Political Power ; Antonin Scalia Conspiracy Theories: Top 5 Questions About His Death ; ´Rest in paradise, Pop-Pop´: Scalia´s grandson leads family tributes as doctor reveals he had high blood pressure, heart problems and was too weak for surgery ; Justice Scalia Was Found Dead With A Pillow Over His Head, And His Body Was Just Cremated, Destroying Any Chance Of An Autopsy ; Obama-Poindexter pics fuel Scalia suspicions ‘Conspiracy? That will be for you the readers to decide’ ; (Michael Savage)  WAS SCALIA MURDERED? ; Was Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real. ; Detectives question lack of autopsy in Scalia death ; Obama skipping Scalia funeral to golf? ‘The president will pay his respects at the Supreme Court on Friday’;  Scalia’s son calls the conspiracy theories about his dad’s death a ‘hurtful distraction’ ; US Justice Scalia Had Secret Texas Meeting With Obama Hours Before His Death ; Report: Sheriff was told he had no authority in Scalia death ; Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters ; Timeline of Events Surrounding Scalia’s Death ; Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule (rumor why Justice Scalia was removed) ;  Justice Antonin Scalia:  3 DAYS b4 Scalia died this Podesta email was sent, using the term “wetworks” – exclusively used in Military meaning “assassination”  ; Wikileaks exposes the Assassination of Scalia and it could bring down the Clintons and the Democratic Party

– SEAL Team 6:  Helicoptor shot down by terrorists.  Possibly given location by infiltrators.  Obama rules of engagement possibly lead to deaths.  Father of fallen SEAL begs for military officer to tell the truth about “criminal” rules of engagement ;  The deaths of Seal Team Six …who never would fly an entire company in one helicopter alone.  UNBELIEVABLE: ‘More Than 20 Navy SEALS From The Unit That Killed Osama Bin Laden’ Die In Helicopter Crash ;  31 US troops, mostly elite Navy SEALs, killed in Afghanistan 7 Afghan commandos also die in attack; SEALs were from same unit but not same team that killed Osama bin Laden ; Navy SEAL Team 6 Families To Reveal Government’s Culpability In Death Of Their Sons ; OUTRAGE! Obama Administration Allowed Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes at Funeral Services (Video) ; TrentoVision 5.9.13 – Navy SEAL Extortion 17 EXPOSED – Obama Failures  ; SEAL Team Six Parents Demand Obama Answer For Funeral Desecration  ; UNANSWERED QUESTIONS PLAGUE SEAL TEAM 6 LOSSES Lawsuit claims Navy used for White House effort to ‘coddle Islamist fundamentalists’  ; Congress to probe lethal SEAL crash ; The unexplained ambush of Navy SEAL Team Six ; A Scandal Bigger Than Benghazi? ; SEAL Team 6 families’ suspicions of gov’t grow ‘I believe someone on their side definitely made a deal with somebody on our side’ ; SEAL’s Parents: Obama’s Rules Of Engagement Killing Our Troops ; Did SEAL Team 6 die in Afghanistan to give Obama good publicity? [VIDEO] ; Michael Savage: SEAL Team Six was set up, murdered in Afghanistan  ; Senator: SEAL Team 6 At Risk After OPM Hack ; Obama stonewalls probe into deadly SEAL Team 6 helicopter crash, watchdog says Brett D. Shadle: SEAL, Special Warfare Operator Chief Member of SEAL Team 6 killed, another SEAL injured in parachute accident

– Holiyah Soetoro Sobah, aka Lia Soetoro, Obama’s adopted sister: died under mysterious, sudden, and unusual circumstances just as she was getting ready to be reunited with her childhood companion and adopted brother. She spoke of many specific incidences in the household, where she grew up with “Barry” in Indonesia. She saved many items that Barry used during childhood. She was looking forward to seeing him, because she’d seen him on TV and was told that was “Barry”, her little brother; however, Lia had reservations about it and so was anticipating seeing the scars he had from falling out of the mango tree and the limp she said he walked with. That was not to be because she up and died. Read about it here and watch video of here……..PDF document from a web site of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia appears to confirm a relationship between Lia and Barack Hussein Obama.  Update On The Sudden Death Of Obama’s Sister Lia Soetoro: Information From The Consulate General Of The Republic Of Indonesia.

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