How Any Citizen Can Fight And Win Against Political Corruption

How Any Citizen Can Fight And Win Against Political Corruption

– Let’s take a look at one way to do it


It is an unusual partnership.

Scott’s team was the first to sue the U.S. Government for corruption and win the case while getting an acknowledgement of a federal agency “infected by corruption” stated by the court, on-the-record. Some of the most famous government officials in the world were fired, during this case, for conflicts-of- interest, bias and corruption. He has also successfully sued a rogue element of the CIA, a group known as In-Q-Tel, a ‘dirty tricks’ group that copied his technology and that was then investigated by Congress because of their “charity status” conflicting with the many tons of cocaine found on In-Q-Tel’s private jets. He has also helped launch government lawsuits against Google, Tesla, Facebook, YouTube and other corrupt companies who abuse Democracy and social rights because: “We can always get the government to do our litigation work for us since every citizen IS the ‘government.’…”, Scott says.

All of Scott’s public-interest lawsuits are designed to help every individual in America. Many of those lawsuits are inspired by requests from Congress, GAO or other official bodies because, sometimes, citizens can accomplish things that Congress is stone-walled from handling.

Scott really hates organized corporate special-interest insider bullies that harm society! He says: “…when you use my government to operate insider trading, accept bribes via the stock market, create quid pro quo and run other organize crimes, I will bring the FBI, FTC, FINCEN, InterPol, Congressional Investigations Offices and SEC tornado to your insider trailer park. If my technologies are better than yours and you chose to CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE, because you weren’t smart enough to build anything better; then expect a legal and business hell that will go on for years and may send you to prison…”

As a former credentialed and trained law enforcement and intelligence operative, Scott has the legal authority to establish investigations up to, and including the arrests of the subjects.

In the biggest case, so far, a group of domestic citizens filed FBI complaints and lawsuits against corrupt public officials and their big tech financier/partners. These citizens instigated Congressional corruption investigations and hearings against the most senior members of the State and Federal government.

These actions resulted in the termination of very famous public officials and their crony criminal embezzlement scams and was connected to the FBI raid of Solyndra.

This natural-born American domestic group of engineers was attacked with a $30 million dollar+ retribution/political reprisal program contracted by White House political operatives, and their appointees, who were also the business competitors of the engineers.

The attackers used: A.)  Fusion GPS-type character assassination smear campaigns (operated by their cronies at Google, Gawker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik and Facebook), B.) NVCA black-listing, C.) Solyndra-laundering, D.) stone-walling, E.) Lois Lerner-class agency manipulation, F.) search engine rigging G.) patent blockades and other spy-agency kinds of ‘dirty tricks’ campaigns.

When public officials do things like this it is a violation of tort, RICO and anti-trust laws.

The victims fought back.

With the encouragement of members of Congress they used 100% legal tools to interdict the corruption.

Essentially; they helped the United States government sue itself!

First, with a unique new kind of pioneering federal lawsuit, victims established — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LEGAL HISTORY — that political cronyism is a valid basis for a claim of arbitrary-and-capricious agency action under the Administrative Procedure Act. See: Federal Case One, (D.D.C. 2015). The Case also proved that you sue any government official as an individual and get them fired for corruption and placed under federal investigation.

Second, they prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on their appeal of the district court’s ruling that an agency may escape judicial review of its action by requesting a voluntary remand but refusing to reconsider its initial denial of an application. See: Case Federal Two, (D.C. Cir. 2017). The Washington DC Circuit agreed with the victims that an agency may only seek a remand if it promises to reconsider its initial decision. It is because of that victory that the government, under court order is now re-doing the victims applications and GAO, FBI, IG’s and Congressional oversight offices are watching to assure effective ethics and transparency.

Third, these cases placed, on permanent public record, one of the most detailed documentation sets, ever assembled, about how modern political “Dark Money” conduits operate. (…with over one million corruption documents now publicly placed in view on servers around the world). The legal team hired ex-FBI, CIA and SEC experts to track down covert bank accounts, revolving door bribes, insider stock trades and other payola between the victim’s competitors and public officials. This documentation now prevents the use of those kinds of criminal efforts, in the future, by exposing their tactics to the public and pointing FINCEN to the front doors of each of the crooks.

Fourth, the victim’s team engaged in the interdiction and termination of corrupt agency executives, contractors and their financiers. This included some of the most well-known names in Washington, DC, at the time. Many of them were, and are still being, investigated and surveillance-monitored by the FBI, FINCen, Interpol, FTC, FEC, GAO, SEC and Congress. This case also led to the creation and expansion of THE STOCK ACT!

Fifth, and most important, the effort put every corrupt political scheme on notice that they WILL be found out and interdicted!

The bottom line?

Now the corrupt bad guy bullies, and their big tech financiers and goons, have less options to engage in the corruption of our Democracy and the feds owe Scott quite a few million dollars in damages and back-pay!

If you think that case sounds like a big bad-ass legal tsunami… wait until you see the next one…


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