Help End The Corruption Of The U.S. Patent Office

America’s Senator’s, and other major politicians, own the stock in Facebook, Google, Netflix, YouTube and Instagram. Those politicians refuse to reform the U.S. Patent Office, or internet privacy, because Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, et al, stole most of their technologies from small inventors that they never paid. Those Big Tech companies have spent billions in lawyer and lobbyist payola to stop inventors from getting paid. Big Tech even has their own staff planted in the U.S. Patent Office to protect Big Tech and to sabotage small inventors. The FBI and FINCEN can easily deliver a forensic auditing report proving that politicians (Mostly those from California) own, and get bribes from, Silicon Valley Big Tech…BUT…Congress refuses to request such a report because it would implicate so many members of Congress! We are exposing the Senator’s, Mayor’s and Governors that covertly take bribes from Big Tech!

Please join inventors and supporters – Write To Congress and Demand That The PTAB and Silicon Valley Oligarch Control of the U.S. Patent Office be over-thrown:


It is the 10 year anniversary of the America Invents Act, a radical change to the fundamental structure of the U.S. patent system. The Supreme Court has declared that under the AIA patents are no longer property rights, but are now merely “privileges” from the government, which they can unilaterally revoke at the PTAB. Thus the newly created fascist administrative tribunal INSIDE the patent office has invalidated ISSUED patents of thousands of inventors, usually for the benefit of large corporations accused of infringement.

The AIA – whether deliberate or unintentional – has been devastating for independent inventors and small businesses who attempt to compete through innovation. Regardless of how carefully and precisely the law is followed, large corporations are persuading the USPTO to invalidate 84% of the patents reviewed under the AIA. Clearly this is not only bad for inventors, it is bad for society. National security is jeopardized, innovation lags, while corporate incumbents metastasize and roll their monopoly profits to into even more political influence to crush competition.

The effort is to draw attention to the crisis created by the AIA and to seek legislation to curb unjust patent revocations by the USPTO. Under the AIA, USPTO headquarters along with the 4 regional offices are the venues of the patent “death squads”, where administrative patent judges hold hearings and issue orders stripping inventors of our hard-earned intellectual property rights. A sixth location in Vermont is the local office of Senator Patrick Leahy who authored the America Invents Act and needs to hear how his bill has harmed inventors and been weaponized by large corporations to snuff out small competitors.



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