Google exists to mass manipulate populations and run stock market scams for Google’s owners. From INSIDE Google, our team saw Google manipulate the entire internet to hype up Larry Page’s “boyfriend’: Elon Musk and Tesla, which Google execs owned a portion of, while sabotaging Tesla’s competitors. Google illicitly and illegally timed these manipulations with stock market pump-and-dump efforts to exploit insider trading. That is a felony violation of RICO, Antitrust and other laws. Every single thing that Google does is contrived to harm a competitor, a politician, an employee whistle-blower or some other business adversary. There are no “bugs”, “operator errors”, “server anomalies” or other media “accidents” at Google. Everything Google does is contrived, at a psychological warfare kind of level, to change a social perception.Google must show its software to FBI, SEC, FTC and our search engine optimisation experts to prove that they did not engage in these crimes. The fact is: We can prove they did the crimes and FBI experts can help us prove it! Google is known as the “Nazi’s of the Internet”. In a case unfolding in Britain over whether Google wrongly demoted price comparison rival Foundem from its search results in favour of paid-for adverts, Google must now decide which it values more: the algorithms that rank its search results, or its stance that manually fiddling with those results to promote its own paid-for products over rivals’ sites doesn’t break competition laws. The integrity of Google’s ranking processes relies upon all webmasters or website owners having the same degree of access to information about Google’s ranking… This will no longer be the case if information of this kind is made available to some individuals offering commercial services to assist companies to improve their Search ranking. Google is a criminal operation.

It’s executives have been publicly exposed as participants in horrific sex scandals, money laundering, political bribery and racism. It is time for the bought and paid shill politicians to stop protecting them! – Google spies on competitors and steals their technology – Google runs tens of millions of dollars of defamation attacks against competitors – Google hides all media and news coverage for competitors of Larry Page’s boyfriend: Elon Musk – Google lies to the public about what they really do with the public’s data – Google promotes illegal immigration in order to get cheap labor and control votes – Google runs VC funding back-lists against start-ups that are competitive – Google bribes thousands of politicians – Google is a criminal RICO-violating monopoly – Google rigs the stock market with Flash-boy, Pump/Dump and Microblast SEC violating computer tricks – Google pays bribes to politicians in Google and YouTube stock – Google manipulates who gets to see what web-sites, globally, for competitor black-lists – Google has a “no poaching” Silicon Valley jobs blacklist – Google bosses sexually abuse women and young boys – Google bosses run sex trafficking operations in the Epstein and NXVIUM cults – Google bosses control the NVCA financing cartel over start-ups – Google has placed the majority of the corporate staff in at least one White House – Google controls national elections for anti-competitive purposes – The company “Polyhop”, in the HOUSE OF CARDS tv show, does all the crimes that Google actually does in reality – Google’s law firms, like Wilson Sonsini, are corrupt conduits for payola and political conduit-relays – Google bribes some politicians with revolving door jobs – Google is primarily responsible for destroying the Bay Area Housing opportunities.

Google runs DDoS attacks on competitors by massively crawling their sites – Google boss Andy Rubin runs a sex slave farm according to his own family – Google boss Eric Schmidt was a philandering sex-penthouse owner according to vast news articles – Google executives hire so many hookers that one of them, Mr. Hayes, was killed by his hooker – Google executives sexually abuse so many women that the women staff of Google walked out one day – In the 2009 White House, you could not swing a cat without hitting a Google insider – Google has paid covert bribes, PAC funds, real estate and search rigging payola to every CA Senator – Google has paid bribes, through its lobby fronts, to halt FBI, SEC, FEC and FTC investigations of Google crimes – Google was funded by the CIA, via In-Q-Tel, a so called “501 c3 charity” which was caught with tons of cocaine – Google gets millions of dollars of taxpayer cash for spying on Americans inside the USA – Google’s map service was a spy system paid for by taxpayers money that Google now profits off of – Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have promised to “protect” Google because their families profit off Google stocks.

Payment receipts prove that Google and Gawker/Gizmodo exchanged cash and staff for Character Assassination attacks – Google VC’s and bosses have spent $30M+ rigging the U.S. Patent Office to protect Google and harm Google competitors – Google bribed it’s lawyer into position as head of the U.S. Patent office in order to have her protect Google – To rig insider stock trades, Google hides negative Tesla stories and pumps positive Tesla stories on “push days” – Google and Elon Musk Co-own, co-invest and co-market stocks covertly while running anti-trust schemes – Google rarely likes, or hires, black employees per federal and news media investigations – Google hired most of the Washington, DC K Street lobby firms and told them to “do what ever they could” – The film: “Miss Sloane” depicts only 2% of the illicit lobbying tactics Google employs daily – Demands for an FTC and FBI raid of Google, for criminal activity, securities law and election felonies have been filed – Google’s David Drummond had his Woodside, CA Quail Road house bugged revealing sex and financial misdeeds.

Google, and it’s Cartel (Alphabet, Youtube, and hundreds of other shell-company facades) are a criminal organization engaged in felony-class crimes. Google’s bosses bribe politicians, regulators and law enforcement officials to hold off prosecution. At Google: Kent Walker, Andy Rubin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergy Brin, Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, David Drummond and Ian Fette are so enmeshed in sex scandals, election manipulation, and White House bribes that it is hard to comprehend how they can get any legitimate work done. Google executives came from most of the fraternity houses involved in the college rape scandals. Google sells covert character assassination services to politicians and fellow oligarchs. Youtube/Google/Alphabet/Deep State are all the same entity. They conspire to hide news about their corruption and they control most of the internet.


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