Corrupt Senators And Oligarchs Hide Their Ill-Gotten Cash In Real Estate

Real Estate Owned By Politicians Must NEVER Be Tax-Exempt › p › does-jeff-bezos-pay-taxes

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Just Dropped $165M on a Mansion in Beverly Hills. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, just bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $165 million. The sale price is believed to be the highest in the Los Angeles area, surpassing the previous record of $150 million. The mansion, known as the Warner Estate (named …

Jeff Bezos would pay over $6 billion a year in taxes under … › 2019 › 11 › 01 › jeff-bezos-would-pay-over-6-billion-a-year-in-taxes-under-warren-plan.html

Nov 1, 2019Key Points To pay for “Medicare for All,” presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren would double the top rate of her wealth tax to 6% from 3%. This would be in addition to other taxes wealthy…

As Nadella, Musk, And Bezos Sell To Pay Less Tax, Buy … › sites › petercohan › 2021 › 12 › 04 › as-nadella-musk-and-bezos-sell-to-pay-less-tax-buy-microsoft-stock

Dec 4, 2021By selling before January, Bezos could save up to $700 million in Washington state taxes, noted CNBC. So far in 2021, he’s sold a total of $9.97 billion in Amazon stock. That’s about the same level…

Jeff Bezos Didn’t Have to Pay Income Taxes for 2 Years … › jeff-bezos-did-not-pay-income-taxes-2-years-report-2021-6?op=1

Bezos can skip paying taxes on his accumulated wealth from the Amazon stock because stock gains aren’t taxed until they are realized by selling off the stock. He’s sold some of his shares in the…

How Billionaires Used Tax Loopholes to Save Billions – The … › 2021 › 06 › 09 › business › dealbook › billionaire-taxes-propublica.html

Jun 9, 2021Some of the jaw-droppers in the report: Jeff Bezos claimed a $4,000 tax credit for his children in 2011. Warren Buffett, who has called for tougher tax rules for the wealthy, paid under $24 million…

The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records … › article › the-secret-irs-files-trove-of-never-before-seen-records-reveal-how-the-wealthiest-avoid-income-tax

The idea of a regular tax on income, much less on wealth, does not appear in the country’s founding documents. In fact, Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution explicitly prohibits “direct” taxes

Jeff Bezos’ $500M real estate portfolio: See all his homes › article › jeff-bezos-houses-real-estate-portfolio

Jeff Bezos’ real estate portfolio includes a $163 million Beverly Hills house, a $96 million NYC apartment, and more. See photos of all the billionaire’s luxury properties.

American Billionaires Avoid Taxes by Borrowing Money … › american-billionaires-tax-avoidance-income-wealth-borrow-money-propublica-2021-6?op=1

From 2014 to 2018, Musk paid $455 million in taxes on a reported income of $1.52 billion, resulting in an effective tax rate of 29.9%. But his wealth grew by $13.9 billion during that time …

Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes? | Progressivity … › rich-pay-their-fair-share-of-taxes

Households in the second quintile received $4.60 in benefits for every $1 of taxes they paid, while households in the middle quintile received $1.60 in total direct benefits for every $1 of taxes they paid.

11 Ways to Significantly Lower Your Taxes as a Real Estate … › lower-taxes-real-estate-investor

2. Hold Properties for More Than a Year. When you own something for less than a year and sell it for a profit, that profit is taxed at your normal income tax rate.That applies to flipping real estate, restoring and selling vintage cars, day trading, antique flipping — anything that involves buying low and selling high.. If you flip more than one or two properties in a year, you run the risk …


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