Various Plaintiffs are sharing information with each other’s legal teams and investigators.

In the multiple cases, the charges against Google/Alphabet and it’s owners, executives and contractors include the following issues.

Absolute proof, evidential materials, witness testimony, technical analysis results, criminal investigation documents, government ethics investigation documents from multiple nations, private investigation records, subpeona-verified surveillance records, public testimony, news stories, journalist background notes, and other data, provide compelling and irrefutable proof of these actions, maliciously and consciously taken by Google/Alphabet and it’s owners, executives and contractors.

The charges included in the associated cases are, but are not limited to:


### In one case, the evidence is presented proving that Google/Alphabet operates as a private government by controlling portions of the U.S. Government, the European Union and major market systems. This is not only illegal but begins to break the very fabric of the Constitutional construct of many nations. By placing it’s staff, and bribery money, inside of top state and federal agencies, Google has attempted“Coup”-like behaviours in order to promote wild ideologies held by it’s billionaire owners, who have no concept of normalcy.

### Google VC’s, owners, investment bankers, lobbyists and executives were the primary financing and manipulation group behind the taxpayer scam documented in the 60 MINUTES episode, called THE CLEANTECH CRASH. This abuse of public funds, via a payola campaign finance kick-back scam has lost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars of their money. While the public is aware of the FBI raid on Solyndra and the mysterious, sudden, disappearance of Abound, Fisker, Ener1, A123, and the rest, immediately after receipt of vast amounts of taxpayer dollars; the deep connections to all of the Google key players, finances and holdings is truly disturbing. The fact that Google billionaire: Eric Schmidt’s position, in White House policy meetings and federal hiring decisions, exceeds the combined positions of ALL OF THE U.S. CONGRESS is disturbing to most people from ANY political party.

### In another case, a group of major entities ranging from Comcast and the cable TV industry; to AT&T and the wireless services industry; to the ACLU and the global privacy advocacy alliances; to The nations of Russia, China and others; To the entire European Union; to the feature films: “The Corporation” and “Inside Job” on Netflix; to parent groups concerned about spying on their children… and a host of others, have presented documentation, and statements which clearly indicate that Google/Alphabet is engaged in covert and disturbing anti-social behaviour which is destructive to humanity and ENRON-like in operation.

### In other cases by individuals and small businesses, Plaintiffs were asked to testify in a federal law enforcement case which was later found, by third party law enforcement and news investigators, to lead back to Defendant staff and investors. In the course of these investigations, Plaintiffs learned of Defendant’s attacks on Plaintiffs. In retribution and in competitive and illegal monopolistic behaviour, Defendant engaged in conscious, malicious, coordinated, targeted attacks against Plaintiffs designed to damage, harass and terminate the personal and business activities of Plaintiffs. Defendants used layered shell companies, covert PACS, family trusts, off-shore accounts and false-named stock trading accounts ( now exposed by whistle-blowers, Chinese hackers and law enforcement surveillance) to attempt to hide their payments, to attack contractors and beneficiaries who assisted them in the attacks and benefited from the attacks on the Plaintiffs. Such coordinated and malicious attacks against Plaintiffs included:

  • The hiding, manipulation and rigging of Internet links and search engine results, using Internet architecture manually, and with forethought, controlled by Defendants, in order to negatively affect the brand and reputation and income of Plaintiffs, across the web, globally.
  • Plaintiffs had business ventures which competed with Defendants and which existed years prior to Defendants. Defendants venture capitol agents requested the review of Plaintiffs products, under the false guise of “possibly investing”, and “confidential review”and then copied those products and made many billions of dollars off of those illegally cloned products and technologies. Defendants chose to “Cheat rather than compete”. Defendants will produce federally certified documents, emails, financial tracking and NDA’s, among the evidence to prove these claims.
  • The posting of character assassination articles about Plaintiffs, the production of which were partially coordinated by Defendant staff and investors; coordinated by Defendant, along with with it’s attack contractors, on the first line of the front page of their search engine and locking it there so that no outside IT or other positive global news stories could move it.
  • Upon legal receipt of removal demands from Plaintiffs lawyers, Defendant refused, in writing, to remove the attacks in order to damage Plaintiffs maximally.
  • As part of a concerted, organized, planned and comprehensive retribution character assassination campaign that Defendants financed and organized against Plaintiffs, Defendants went to the extensive effort of financing, producing and publishing on their global broadcasting property: YOUTUBE, an animated film which attacked Plaintiffs with specific coordinated targeted scripting and mentioning Plaintiffs by name. When plaintiffs contacted Defendants with removal requests, Defendants not only refused to remove the maliciously attacking video but then, proceeded to up-rank it and lock in on the front page search results.
  • DNS, web pointing, down-ranking and search results targeting in order to damage the Internet operation of Plaintiffs web-sites and press releases. Plaintiffs hired IT experts to do a multi-year sting and IT analysis investigation, involving the setting of hundreds of “trap servers” around the world, to prove, over a five+ year period, that Defendant was manipulating search results in order to damage some parties and falsely enhance others, who were Defendant’s covert partners. Other parties, including universities, research groups, the European Union, The Government of China, The Government of Russia and other parties, have now emulated and proven these results showing definitive proof of Defendant’s malicious manipulation of the Internet in order to damage it’s competitors and promote it’s friends while also damaging it’s friend’s competitors.
  • Google covertly owned and managed Tesla Motors assets and marketing and targeted Tesla competitor’s while seeking to manipulate TSLA stock valuations by manipulating media coverage tied to “stock pumps” by Google investors and state and federal policy decisions via illegal payola to public officials
  • Defendants had a financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider “In-Q-Tel”, a lobbyist and tactical services group who provided attack services against Plaintiffs on behalf of Defendants.
  • Defendants had a financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider “New America Foundation”, a lobbyist and tactical services group who provided attack services against Plaintiffs on behalf of Defendants.
  • Defendants had a financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider “Gawker Media”, a marketing and publication group who provided attack services against Plaintiffs on behalf of Defendants.
  • Defendants had a financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with attack services provider “DOES 1-12”, a technical services group who provided attack services against Plaintiffs on behalf of Defendants.
  • Defendants had a covert financial, stock market, management, marketing, and personal relationship with most of the attack services providers and the director business competitors of Plaintiff “Group Z”, and Defendants sought to “Cheat Rather Than Compete” against Plaintiff’s products, which have now been proven, by industry documentation, to have been superior to Defendant’s. In light of the accruing charges and evidence, Defendant was forced to break-up it’s main operation, changing it’s name from: “Google” to “Alphabet”, in order to attempt to mitigate it’s damages in this, and other pending cases, by creating a false-front structure whereby Defendants attempt to hide their tax and legal liability obligations by, on paper, reducing the operation into smaller parts. Defendants will ask the court to see through Defendants sham and recognize the entire operation, and each and every part, and owner, as being liable for Plaintiffs damages.
  • Defendants copied dozens of Plaintiffs products, which the federal patent office had issued patents and secured files on as being first developed by Plaintiff, years before any interest in, or development by Plaintiffs. Defendants either gave away the copied products, in order to terminate Plaintiff’s revenue opportunities, or used billions of dollars of “unjust rewards” secured, according to the U.S. Treasury, from ill-gotten gains via contract manipulations and illegitimate tax loss write-offs and payola tax waivers, to flood Plaintiff’s out of the market and order financing blacklists to be created by their investors. Google/Alphabet spent billions of dollars in bribes to seek to “outlaw” the patent process in order to avoid paying invention royalties to inventors and put their senior staff in charge of the U.S. Patent Office in order to halt patents which were not beneficial to Google/Alphabet.
  • Defendants engaged in additional malicious Cyber-stalking harassment using retained writers who did not disclose their “shill”, “meat puppet”, “Troll” and “Click-Farm” media attack services function for Defendants.
  • Hacking of Plaintiffs via “back-doors” for competitive intelligence and IP theft
  • Defendants engaged in other malicious activities, against Plaintiffs, disclosed to Plaintiffs by whistle-blowers and ex-employees of Defendants which will be documented in Defendants electronic communications, from the period in question, held by multiple third parties. Nearly a hundred thousand articles, news stories, investigative reports, third party lawsuits, law enforcement notations, ethics reviews, international investigations and other publicly available documents, have now been published which prove that Defendants have engaged in the above activities against various parties. Plaintiffs have additional knowledge, and evidence, of such actions and of on-going investigations which hold additional, yet-to-be-made-public evidence which proves and verifies Plaintiff’s charges. A jury trial is demanded. In the course of this trial, Plaintiffs will provide indisputable evidence of the financial, personal, coordinating management directive, business competitive and personal deeply connected relationships of all Defendants, in a manner which proves, to any party, that Defendants worked to coordinate a malicious, financially and personally damaging attack on Plaintiffs.